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Air cylinders, referred to as actuators, are devices that use compressed air as the source of gas and converts the pressure energy of the gas into mechanical energy with the form of rotary or linear motion. Different from hydraulic actuators, air cyclinders are very clean operating because the operating fluid is a gas, which prevents leakage from dripping and contaminating the environment. 

SHAKO has dedicated its entire resources to the field of pneumatic cylinder (Air cylinder) products. "SHAKO" created brand has established a fine reputation worldwide. SHAKO name has become the preferred choice for pneumatic cylinder products in more than 30 countries. Indeed, SHAKO has a symbol of high quality. The company having accumulated over 20 years of experience and a proven record of accomplishment of developing new pneumatic air cylinder products, we are now dedicated ourselves to accelerate our R&D effort's even further so as to be ready for the 21st Century and our next milestone. Pneumatic cylinders OEM and ODM projects are welcome. High volume deal with special price deal. Welcome to send us your inquiry anytime!

Air cylinders SHAKO offers: